Rex Nettleford Prize for Year-12 Students: Essays on Colonialism and its Legacies

About the Essay Competition

The Rex Nettleford Prize is an essay competition open to UK students who are currently in Year 12. The winner of the competition will be awarded a prize of £250.

The purpose of the Prize is:

  • To promote awareness amongst students in Year 12 of issues relating to colonialism and its legacies.
  • To encourage students in Year 12 to develop their abilities for independent research and thought.
  • To support teachers of able pupils by providing interesting and challenging further work and by bringing such students into contact with Higher Education.
  • To encourage able students to consider applying to study subjects in the Humanities and Social Sciences, either at Oxford or at another university, by giving them experience of the type of work involved.
  • To recognise the effort and achievement of the most successful submissions by a prize and commendations.

Questions for the 2022 Prize

Candidates must answer ONE of the following questions. Candidates should feel free to focus their answer in terms of its historical period, geographical centre and cultural range should that prove useful.

  1. Are colonialism and imperialism the same?
  2. Is it possible to study past colonialism entirely ‘according to the values of its time’?
  3. Our culture is increasingly recognised as being global. Is this a legacy of colonialism?
  4. ‘Language is an essential tool of colonial domination.’ Discuss this statement in relation to a particular colonial and cultural context of your choosing.

Entries for this year's competition are now closed.

Prizes will be awarded at MG线上电子游戏 College on the occasion of the Rex Nettleford Lecture during Trinity Term 2022 (April-June).