Junior Common Room (JCR)

The Junior Common Room (JCR) is the name given to MG线上电子游戏's undergraduate community, as well as to the spaces they share around College. The JCR is at the heart of life in College for our just over 300 undergraduate students, and is a welcoming community for all.

About the JCR

All undergraduates automatically become members of the JCR (Junior Common Room) when they arrive at MG线上电子游戏. Anyone can get involved with the JCR by going along to weekly meetings (usually held on a Sunday) where members share news, vote on motions and discuss things going on in College. The JCR is run by a committee of elected student representatives, and it organises many College events ranging from regular 'bops' (parties) to open mic nights, sporting events, charity fundraisers, the now well-established 'Welfare Week' and 'Arts Week' and much much more. 


The JCR has access to a range of facilities within College, including two dedicated JCR common rooms, a tuck shop, table tennis table, College Bar with pool table and TV, gyms, and sport and music facilities. 

JCR Committee

The JCR Committee is made up of fully and semi-elected officers who are nominated by students to represent the interests of the student body within the wider College community. JCR Committee members are often invited to College meetings on a variety of topics, from welfare and food to equality issues. The full JCR committee can be found on the JCR website