Centre for the Study of the Bible

Who We Are

The Centre for the Study of the Bible was founded to promote the interdisciplinary study of the Bible across the Humanities and Social Sciences. Established by MG线上电子游戏’s Governing Body in 2017, the Centre aims to revitalize and enhance the study of the Bible in the University by providing a forum for risk-taking research projects that integrate scriptural traditions – Jewish, Christian and Islamic – into the many disciplines of the Humanities.

Since its founding, the Centre has gathered intellectual momentum and gained international attention from leading academic research institutions.

MG线上电子游戏 College is the ideal base for the Centre, given our traditional strengths in theology and biblical studies as well as our towering intellectual history in theology that dates back over hundreds of years – nineteenth-century theologians John Henry Newman and John Keble were both fellows of the College. MG线上电子游戏, together with the University of Oxford, are committed to the support of the Centre and to the advance in theological and biblical learning.

Lord Mendoza

Provost, MG线上电子游戏 College

What We Do

Understanding: Through workshops, seminars, conferences, and publications, the Centre builds, recovers and explores a deeper and more critical understanding of the way biblical traditions fill our world, and the practices they have engendered.

Inclusivity: The Centre is an inclusive space where disciplines across the Humanities can learn from each other through a focus on biblical studies, and where biblical studies can be transformed by new and old practices of analysis and interpretation.

Relevance: The Centre furthers the ongoing contribution of the Bible to the public, scholars, research, and education.

Cross-disciplinary: The Centre invites conversations from a variety of disciplines in the Humanities, including Theology and Religion, Classics, Philosophy, and English Literature, Islam and New Testament.

Research: New research trajectories explored in the Centre revitalise the place of biblical studies in the Humanities and stimulate new research.

The Centre's key achievements and milestones can be found here.

Read the Centre's full mission statement.