MSt Creative Writing Student Samuel Skuse Published in Sans. PRESS Anthology

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8 July, 2022

MSt Creative Writing student Samuel Skuse has recently published his short story ‘A Man Is Fishing on The Bank of a River’ in a Sans. PRESS anthology titled The Last Five Minutes of a Storm.

As an English literature graduate, Samuel has been writing short fiction, poetry and plays for a few years now. 

 When asked what topics he usually engages with in his writing, Samuel replied: 

 “I am particularly interested in writing stories in which landscape and setting are of particular importance. I grew up in the Devon countryside, and associate rurality with a great sense of nostalgia but also isolation and loneliness, which is something I tend to explore in my work.”

Speaking about the inspiration for his story ‘A Man Is Fishing on The Bank of a River’, Samuel added: 

“I've never gone fishing in my life, but I've spoken to people that do and many of them have described it as a great source of peace and meditation. I wanted to write a story exploring this; how a place and activity can offer solace from the noisiness of life like a close friend who is always there for you no matter what, and with whom you can share your darkest secrets.”

Samuel has plenty of ideas for future projects, sharing that: 

“My aims for the future are just to continue with my creative ventures, but specifically I'm looking to move into writing for TV and film once I graduate. I've just finished writing a short film called Come Home to Me that I'm hoping to start filming over August and September. I'm also collaborating with a couple of my course mates on a podcast called Small Tales which gives new writers a platform to create short 5-10-minute radio plays.”

Samuel has a range of other published works, including: 

We wish Samuel continued success in his career.